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rabble is a non-profit, newspaper from the city’s underground. It’s collectively and independently run by volunteers. rabble aims to create a space for the passionate telling of truth, muck-raking journalism and well aimed pot-shots at illegitimate authority. We stand within, and with, Dublin as it struggles from below against the ghost of the Celtic Tiger and the state it left us in. We support those who fight with a new world in their hearts and encourage those who create cultures that seed hope in bleak times. Those involved know each other from alternative media and street mobilisations, from raves, gigs and the football terraces, or by just living in the village that is Dublin. We range from people living and raising their families in the city, to community and political activists, to artists, messers and mischief-makers. We Are rabble.

Rabble website is here, and the print version can be picked up from:

the Exchange in Temple Bar

The Complex Smithfield

Seomra Spraoi

Connolly books

Kling in the Italian Quarter

Casa Rebelde

All City records in Temple Bar.


One Response

  1. Alan Rouge

    September 27, 2011 1:27 pm

    I had a look at this the other day and it looks good, I like the short snappy-ness. Despite the all encompasing allure of digital media like this site, I still think it’s nice that there’s something in print worth looking at. Especially for people who don’t carry around portable internet accessing devices…..