Stop The Billion Dollar Heist March This Saturday 29th of Oct. Meet at Garden of Remembrance @2pm

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From #occupydamestreet

Stop The Billion Dollar Heist:
On November 2nd 2011, next Wednesday, a $1,000,000,000 bond comes due at Anglo Irish Bank. This bond is unsecured, unguaranteed, a bond we have absolutely no obligation to pay. If you disagree with paying this money we ask you to come to the march to show your opposition.

Last week thousands of people marched in support of #OccupyDameStreet and Real Democracy Now! Ireland from the Garden of Remembrance to the site of the ongoing occupation at the Central Bank plaza on Dame Street on Saturday 22nd of October.

We also call on supporters of #OccupyDameStreet to spread the word about this widely. Let’s double our numbers!

Text your family & friends

‘#occupydamestreet marching again sat. Meet @ Garden of Rememberance @ 2pm this Saturday 29th of October. No to billion $ heist planned for next week. It’s a swindle. Pass it on.’

– No drink, no drugs, no party political banners or flags and no violence – will also apply to this demonstration.