29/11/11 – A turning point in British history | Paul Mason

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29/11/11 – A turning point in British history | Paul Mason

Paul Mason on good form talking about the “Autumn Statement”.

And don’t kid yourself that Britain is somehow immune, either, from the “government by technocrat” virus sweeping Europe. We saw last night the Lib Dems forced to effectively write their manifesto on the set of Newsnight; Labour too will now be wrenched from the leisurely world of blue-skies thinking, by boxfresh young frontbenchers in as yet unwrinkled suits. It will see its core electoral base – the public sector workforce and low-income families – subjected to four more years of demands for givebacks, job losses, service cuts, tax-credit cuts. But it cannot publicly support their protest actions. Those of us who’ve reported from the streets of Athens, and know what a leaderless mass of angry people looks like, know how disorienting a fiscal crisis can be for social democrats.

Via Blood and Treasure.

Reminds me of a line I read recently about social democrats being the only people now who are scared to death of changing anything.

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