Let Kate Have The Final Word | Tom and Sally Ann Fitzgerald

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Let Kate Have The Final Word | Tom and Sally Ann Fitzgerald

Kate Fitzgerald’s parents Tom and Sally Ann Fitzgerald writing on Broadsheet.ie about their attempts to deal with the Irish Times. To get Kate’s words put back into the public record, to get an apology for redacting what were her last words or to get them to retract the statement that part of her article was not ‘factual’. They refused.
“We do not advise Ireland’s Taoiseach and the Fine Gael party. We do not chair Ireland’s national broadcasting authority. We do not offer PR advice to the princes of the Catholic Church. We do not have daily access to talk shows and newspapers. In short, we are not influential.
When the Irish Times found itself between a rock and a hard place, it chose to go against us and our dead daughter.
We spoke to Kate almost every day for the last weeks of her life.  What she told us in those conversations supports her final article.”

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