LookLeft 9 is in the shops today!


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LookLeft 9 is in the shops today, only €2.

This edition includes:

Reports on: student protests; Occupy Dame Street; turf wars in Kildare; AFA action against Nick Griffin; defending health services; the community fight against drugs; Occupy Wall Street; the sex industry; doctors in El Salvador; Ship to Gaza; turmoil in Egypt; the Greek Communist Party; Belfast’s Fresh Claim Café and the Workers’ Party Northern Ireland conference.

Interviews with PUP leader Billy Hutchinson, America Radical Fred Magdoff and Rapper Captain Moonlight.

Main Feature: Ireland’s addiction to low corporation tax and Corporate Imperialism.

Features: Occupy – where to now; Revolution in Cork City FC; Friedrich Engels on Ireland; Irish Graphic Novels; book reviews; the Jemmy Hope Column and Around the Left (news from progressive organisations).

Views: WP President Mick Finnegan on Budget 2012 and Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy on the need for an EU referendum


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