The Iron Lady’s Downfall

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Margaret Thatcher faces the final curtain.

Some notes for those who may be unsure of some of the references. On Margaret Thatcher’s thriftiness and the similarity between gonks and Michael Hesseltine.

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One Response

  1. Pat \'deVerse\'

    January 9, 2012 8:26 pm


    I’ve seen this one before and it’s still quite funny. Saw ‘Iron Lady’ last Fri in cinema….very poor film with excellent performance by Meryl Streep. Never had a good word to say about Thatcher and never will have…but I still thought it was a cheap shot, portraying an old woman with senile dementia thus.

    Just because the right-wing gutter press, and wise-cracking right-wing wing shock-jocks sneer and jeer at their opponents in a similar manner doesn’t mean we must descend to their level. Margaret Thatcher will be gone soon enough, then perhaps a more in-depth bio-pic drama-documentary of her life and times could be made.