April issue of Socialist Voice is out now

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The April issue of Socialist Voice is out now and can be viewed as a PDF or read at the SV website.

1.  Resistance is growing-Now for a No vote
2.  Every employer’s fantasy: casual and insecure labour
3.  Private equity sharks hit Ireland’s shore
4.  Bin charges in Dublin: The Greyhound connection
5.  Turf-cutters win a first victory
6.  The case of Marian Price
7.  The coup that failed
8.  Solidarity with the Syrian people’s right to peace, justice, and social progress
9.  Spanish workers fight back
10. General strike in Portugal
11. Theatre Review : 1981
12. Film Review: A life of lies and fabrications
13. Book Review: From Davitt to Connolly
14. Opinion: Understanding the crisis

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