Young Historians’ panel at the Cuirt International Festival of Literature in Galway

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Young Historians’ panel at the Cuirt International Festival of Literature in Galway

Friday 27th April – The Mechanics Institute – 6:30pm

In the special setting of the Mechanics Institute, Middle Street, Galway, three Young Historians will present on their areas of expertise.

John Borgonovo lectures in History at University College Cork. He has published extensively on the Irish Revolution of 1916-1923, including the books, Spies, Informers, and the Anti-Sinn Fein Society: The Intelligence War in Cork City, 1920-1921, and The Battle for Cork, July – August 1922. Later in 2012 he will publish his study of Cork City during the First World War, The Dynamics of War and Revolution.

Sonja Tiernan lectures in History at Liverpool Hope University. She has a PhD from UCD and has held fellowships at the University of Notre Dame, Trinity College Dublin and the National Library of Ireland. Her exhibition on Hilda Tweedy and the Irish Housewives Association is currently on display throughout Dublin City Public Libraries. Her latest book, Eva Gore-Booth: An Image of such Politics, is published in 2012.

Niall Whelehan is an IRCHSS Research Fellow in History at NUI Galway. He holds a PhD from the European University Institute, Florence and has spent periods as a visiting scholar in the USA and Germany. His forthcoming book, The Dynamiters: Irish Nationalism and Political Violence in the Wider World, 1867-1900, examines transformations in revolutionary violence in transnational contexts.

The event will be chaired by Dr John Cunningham, History Department, NUIG.

Admission: €8/€6