It’s a No vote until Ireland starts to support the development of the indigenous sector

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It’s a No vote until Ireland starts to support the development of the indigenous sector

Commenter on the Irish Times website, leaves this below the article where Barry O’Leary, chief executive of IDA Ireland calls for a yes vote in the Austerity Treaty. I’m including it here because he makes an essential point about what is wrong with industrial policy in Ireland.

you are a State Appointed executive on a comfortable salary with possibly a decent pension. You are NOT like other men (quote from the Pharisee and the Publican).

You have come trotting out to tell us mere mortals that your future is best served by being pro Treaty.

I work for a brilliant Irish company that is in wonderful growth for the past 3 years in the midst of the deepest downturn and your kind (Enterprise Ireland) allowed us to be taken over by a foreign multinational. We had a market leading product set designed here at home and you allowed the cream of Irish invention fall into foreign ownership. We are profitable and still growing (from 230 to 600). This could have been a model of how Irish design and technology can succeed. Yes the Irish owners needed out but there could have been a way of keeping the profits generated in Ireland. Ours was a situation where the GNP and the GDP converged as there was no profit repatriation…… .THERE IS NOW……… clowns running the show again.

Your kind of leadership is NOT PATRIOTIC when you let things like that happen. You represent the Inferiority Complex of the Irish State in one aspect.

Please trot off back into your leather boardroom chair and plan your next trip to Venice, and let the rest of us get on with reviving this country’s self respect. Europe will just have to know that we were once a very brave people who could put our country first against great odds…. Now we have your cabal of well paid public Quango drivers “educating us”……. that is REALLY how far we have fallen……..

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