Flouting of Labour Court Recommendation Follows Company Takeover

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From Wilson Pickets, a campaign organised by former workers from H.W. Wilson Co. Follow their blog and facebook page.

Former workers at the Dublin headquarters of the H.W. Wilson Co. will stage a demonstration on May 15 at Clontarf Castle, where Ebsco Publishing is holding an information day.  Forty H.W. Wilson employees were made redundant in July 2011 when Ebsco acquired the company and shut the Dublin office.

In January 2012, the Labour Court recommended a redundancy package of four weeks pay per year of service, but the company is refusing to pay any more than the statutory minimum of 2 weeks per year of service.  Ebsco has already recouped 60% of the statutory redundancy packages from the Irish state and still publishes and sells products under the H.W. Wilson brand.

H.W. Wilson was a century-old American publishing company that specialised in high-quality materials for libraries and universities.  Ebsco is the multinational that provides Ebscohost, the most used premium research service in libraries and other institutions worldwide.

The former employees, who worked at H.W. Wilson for an average of 13 years, are now engaged in a publicity campaign to highlight their situation.  The campaign can be followed on Facebook (WilsonPickets), on Twitter (@WilsonWorker1), and on a campaign blog (wilsonpicketdotcom.wordpress.com).  People can also register their support by signing an online petition.

?”Ebsco seem to have assumed that Irish workers and Irish institutions could be ignored without consequences. Their mistake was to underestimate the spirit of the workers and their many supporters at home and abroad,” says former HWW worker Tom Dwyer.

“All we want is for Ebsco to abide by the Labour Court decision.  When a company behaves as Ebsco is doing now, it disrespects Irish institutions, Irish workers, and the traditionally close relationship between America and Ireland,” remarked former HWW worker Aoife O’Carroll.

Commenting on communications that the former  H.W. Wilson workers have received from Ebsco’s legal representatives, Colette Willis, another former HWW worker declared  ?”It is outrageous that a company ignoring Irish practice and the Irish Labour Court has threatened to issue injunctions against us for engaging in a peaceful protest on public property.”