@Greece Solidarity March Saturday, June 16th, at 1pm at the Spire on O’Connell Street

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On Sunday June 17, the people of Greece will have a choice.

They can vote, if they are moved by fear and threats, for political parties who will continue to oversee the enforced impoverishment of their country, in keeping the wishes of European leaders, the IMF, and big European banks.

On the other hand, they can vote, moved by a desire for democracy, freedom, and dignity, for an end to the criminal debtocracy imposed on them, and for a radically transformed Europe. A Europe based on solidarity among all its citizens, and not the diktats of bankers, unelected technocrats, and neoliberal politicians who only represent themselves.

On, Saturday, June 16th, at 1pm at the Spire on O’Connell Street, we will take to the streets in Dublin in solidarity with the people in Greece who will vote against fear, and in the hope and shared dream of a Europe based on justice, dignity and social solidarity.

Inspired by so many brave Greek people who have taken to the streets and squares, to resist the destruction of their country, and who now provide hope for millions of women and men across the European Union, we too have had enough of fear.

Since this crisis began, fear, threats and intimidation have become part of the fabric of daily life for tens of millions of people across Europe. In Ireland, successive right-wing governments, bosses’ organisations, billionaire-owned newspapers and radio stations and have churned out threat after threat. They spread constant fear about the catastrophe that will unfold unless we obey ‘the markets’ and throw away our rights to decent public services and working conditions in order to pay off speculator debts.

But as the recent vote on the Fiscal Treaty has shown, giving in to fear and threats simply brings more fear, more threats, and more devastation.

The circuit of fear in Europe must be broken. The Greek people can make this break by choosing to reject the doctrine of fear and the socio-economic deprivation that has been so brutally imposed on them.*

Then it will fall to us, the peoples of Europe, to smash the Frankfurt Consensus once and for all.

We will have to set about the task of building a common life together in a new continent, with open democratic institutions that serve the citizens, not unaccountable bureaucracies that serve the crooks of the banking lobby and the liars of the political elite, whether New Democracy and PASOK, or Fine Gael and Labour.

The Greek people, with their rebellion and resistance in the face of vicious economic punishment designed to intimidate the rest of Europe, have shown the way ahead, and we owe them our gratitude and support. If they vote against fear and economic terrorism, a new day for democracy beckons, in Europe and in Ireland.

We will be there on Saturday the 16th to support them, and we call on you to be there too. People still have the power. Our hearts beat with theirs.

* This passage which previously made specific mention of SYRIZA was amended by the ad hoc group on June 13 to better reflect our inclusive intent.