World’s Media: Wanting it Both Ways on Greece

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There was a ‘technical fault’ during a BBC interview with Yanis Varoufakis on election day in Greece. It occured at the point when Yanis reiterated his point made here that the BBC and the world’s media are trying to have it both ways – claiming on the one hand that the plan by Eurozone leaders to impose austerity is destroying the Eurozone, while also saying that Greece’s refusal to accept ‘reforms’ through austerity is leading the Eurozone to catastrophe.

Moreover, a mindboggling inconsistency is running through their narrative. On the one hand, it is abundantly clear to them (and they actually let it be known that it is their view too) that the current EU policies of bailouts-plus-austerity are killing the Eurozone. Witness the brilliant cover in last week’s Economist (featuring a sinking tanker with a bubble asking: “Can we switch on the engines now Mrs Merkel?”). On the other hand, however, in the same breath, they argue that failure by Greek voters to support this ruinous path may lead to the collapse of the… Eurozone. So, my message to BBC journalists and other reporters is simple. Decide folks: Either the present course is ruinous and Europe’s peoples (including the Greeks) must abandon it. Or it is a decent policy mix which we ought to consent to. You cannot have it both ways, unless of course your only concern is how to alarm your audience via intentional disinformation while treating the Greek people like swine that need to be beaten into submission.

Here’s a remix of the interview made by someone on the internet.

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