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Thinking Allowed Discusses Social Capital and Class

Two very interesting Thinking Allowed recent episodes/podcasts on employment (in the media particularly), internships, class and social capital.

Jobs for the Boys?’ Laurie Taylor talks to Professor Irena Grugulis about her contention that working class people don’t get job opportunities in the UK TV and film industry because they don’t have the right accents, clothes, backgrounds or friends. The media expert, Sir Peter Bazalgette and Professor of Sociology, Mike Savage, respond to this research and explore nepotism, networking and discrimination in the media world and beyond.

Download here.

In the second episode, Irena Grugulis, author of Jobs for the Boys returns to the programme to discuss the concept of ‘social capital’.

Download here.

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One Response

  1. Gemma Denny

    September 7, 2012 5:43 pm

    These two Thinking Allowed episodes on Social Capital
    and Class should be required listening for everybody involved with the education of children in the home and outside. All children should be given the opportunity to broaden their social experience and acquaintances through Sport and the Arts. The ability to ‘fit in’ is important in every area of life. ‘Getting there’ by means of academic achievement is no guarantee of ‘getting on’. There is nothing new in this. Grace O’Malley got a letter of introduction from Black Tom Butler before she traveled to meet Elizabeth 1. Who you know was always more important than what you know.