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Twenty- fourth Desmond Greaves School – 14th – 16th September 2012.

90 years of the Irish state: sovereignty and democracy in the republic

Friday 14th September at 7:30

1. Republicanism and 90 years of the Irish State

Dr Mary Murphy, Lecturer in Irish Politics and Society at NUI Maynooth and recent co-author of Towards the Second Republic; Irish Politics after the Celtic tiger published by Pluto Press.

Micheal MacAonghusa, is former editor of the Irish language newspaper Anois.

Chair: Tommy McKearney, editor of Fourthwrite

Saturday 15th September at 11:00

2. Sovereignty and Interdependency

Sovereignty in a global world.

Andy Storey is a lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations at UCD and Chairperson of Afri.

Corporations and sovereignty.

Sheila Killian is Head of Department and Senior Lecturer, Accounting & Finance at the University of Limerick.

The future of Europe (not the EU).

Mick O’Reilly is President of Dublin Council of Trade Unions and former Regional Secretary of Unite.

Chair: Patricia McKenna, former MEP.

Saturday 15th September at 2:30

3. Towards genuine political democracy

Clientalism and patronage.

Frank Connolly is the former executive director of the Centre for Public Inquiry and is currently head of communications with SIPTU

Beyond representative democracy.

Bernadette McAlliskey served as MP for the Mid Ulster from 1969 to 1974 .She currently coordinates the South Tyrone Empowerment Programme.

The government’s reform agenda.

Catherine Murphy TD is an independent TD for Kildare North.

Chair: Maureen O’Sullivan TD

Sunday 16th September at 11:00

4. An economy for the common good

Prof. Terrence McDonough, Dept of Economics NUI Galway

Mary Lou McDonald, TD is Vice – President of Sinn Féin

Eugene McCartan, General Secretary, Communist Party of Ireland.

Chair: Esther Lynch, Legal and Social Affairs Officer ICTU

Sunday 16th September at 2:30

5. Independence – what does it mean today?

Ireland’s International relations.

Nessa Ni Chasaide is coordinator of the Debt and Development Coalition Ireland.

The partitionist mentality.

Conor McCarthy: Lecturer in English at NUI Maynooth. He is the author of Modernisation, Crisis and Culture in Ireland 1969 – 1992

How we Irish see ourselves!

Desmond Fennell is a writer, cultural philosopher and linguist.

Chair: Owen Bennett