30 Reasons to March on the 24th of November – No. 18: Unemployment Payments Are Too Low

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From Dublin Council of Trade Unions

During the 30-day countdown to the Anti-Austerity March on November 24th Dublin Council of Trade Unions has been publishing a Reason to March each day on their blog. Each post is also available to download in PDF format. There are, of course, many more reasons to march against austerity: so you can visit our Facebook page and leave your own ‘Reasons to March’?

The November 24th Anti-Austerity March is being organised by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions together with the Spectacle of Defiance, the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes, and the Communities Campaign Against the Cuts.

It will start from the Garden of Remembrance at 1 pm on November 24th.

Reason 18: Unemployment Payments are Too Low

Despite the constant misinformation, unemployment payments in Ireland are among the lowest in Europe. How much would someone on Irish average pay of €35,000 receive if they lost their job?

Of the Eurozone countries in the EU-15, Ireland ranks second last – only ahead of impoverished Greece.  Unemployment payments would have to rise by over €67 a week to reach German levels, and by over €130 a week to reach Dutch levels.

And this is before the cuts in unemployment payments in 2011.

Why should we march?  Because there are too many unemployed on incomes below the poverty line.

Download a PDF of this post here.