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Ireland’s leading magazine for progressive news, views and solutions – available in Easons stores and good independent newsagents across the country – 48 pages for just €2/£1.50

In the latest issue of LookLeft:

The New Frontline – Trade unions are re-forging their links with working class communities and building new alliances in the fight to defend vital local services, Dara McHugh reports

No More Victims – Ireland’s abortion laws have been claiming victims for decades, writes Stephanie Lord

Where’s the left? – The left of centre received its highest vote ever in the Republic in February 2011, but the country has since been run on unwaveringly right-wing lines without the political upheaval evident in other EU States. Kevin Brannigan asks what has happened to the Irish Left.

Beyond the Law: the US Military at Shannon Airport – In opposition, Labour leader Eamon Gilmore repeatedly committed himself to dealing with the US military’s use of Shannon Airport. But in Government what has he done? Paul Dillon reports

The Attack on Public Transport – The push towards privatisation at Dublin Bus is part of a wider strategy of undermining public transport in the name of profits. Harry Stoneman reports.

The Ideals Remain – Aleida Guevara, a Cuban paediatrician and daughter of revolutionary leader Che, visited Ireland in October and talked to Paul Dillon

A Stranger in Her Own Land – Palestinian politician Haneen Zoabi talks to Francis Donohoe about how Israel’s apartheid policies forced her to take a stand.

Eric Hobsbawm: Revolutionary Historian – Ultán Gillen looks at the life of the Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm, and how he helped transform our understanding of the history of the working class.



  • Unions must lead campaign to repudiate bank debt
  • Anti-capitalist prank lands Occupy activist in prison
  • Industrial action low in the Republic
  • Central Bank wrong on wages
  • The Waterford Spring
  • The Household Tax Battle Continues
  • LookLeft politicians pensions campaign
  • Only the first steps for children’s rights
  • IKEA Ireland: No trade unions here
  • Irish who fought for the Spanish Republic commemorated in Dublin
  • Irvine Welsh backs bridge for fellow Hibs man Connolly
  • The Live Register: For Real TV
  • Charting the Left course for Northern Ireland
  • Hidden Crackdown in Bahrain


  • Gavan Titley explores the politics of the new racism
  • Michael Taft on Public Enterprises
  • Tom O’Connor on the economic myths peddled by the Irish establishment.
  • Conor McCabe on the Irish tax exiles
  • John Jefferies on development of Primary Health Care centres
  • Mick Finnegan calls on SIPTU President, Jack O’Connor, to reconsider his support for Labour


Are elections a waste of time for the Left? – Alan Myler and Mark Hoskins debate


Irish Socialist Republicanism 1909-1936
Come here to me: Dublin’s other history
Privatisation: Robbing the people’s wealth



  • ‘History from Below’ Network launched in Barcelona, Donal Fallon reports
  • A True Red Rebel – David Lynch on the live and times of Con Lehane
  • US hip-hop artist Boots Riley of The Coup
  • Supporters have revived the pride of North Wales, Wrexham Football Club, writes Barry Healy
  • Plaque to honour Francis Hutcheson
  • LookLeft Forum: Connolly’s Legacy Debated

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One Response

  1. Pablo

    December 7, 2012 12:17 pm

    Great issue of the mag, best one I’ve read yet, the article on the Irish left seems to point in the direction of hope of some form of joint action in the future. Gilmore on Shannon, just more lies from the man, on an issue his department could do something about