The December Issue of Socialist Voice is Out Now

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The December issue of Socialist Voice is now available.

You can view it on-line

A vicious anti-people budget

After much hype and kite-flying, and rumours of the Labour Party playing “hard ball” and being the defenders of the interests of ordinary people, we see that it was all just hot air and spin. They are as committed as Fine Gael are (and Fianna Fáil were) to making working people pay for their crisis. The budget is designed to take a further €3½ billion out of the economy through increased taxes and charges, and cuts in public spending…………..

Table of contents

  • A vicious anti-people budget [EMC]
  • A united union taking a stand
  • Austerity is both stupid and cruel [COM]
  • Understanding the crisis, and putting the system on trial—Part 3 [NL]
  • Anglo: not our debt [PD]
  • Shocking revelations about blacklisting
  • Privatisation does not equal efficiency [KC]
  • An economic analysis of neo-liberalism [KC]
  • General strikes: An effective means to an end? [NC]
  • Spaniards spot EU-German con job [TMS]
  • International Meeting of Communist Parties in Beirut
  • What if Cuba discovers oil? [RN]
  • Irish socialist republicanism, 1909–1936 [TR]
  • Stalin’s purges