January Issue of Socialist Voice is Out Now

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January issue of Socialist Voice is out now.
Download or view it online.

Alternatively read the embedded version below.

Articles in the January issue include

1. Make 2013 the year of resistance! [EMC]
2. To the working people of Ireland: New Year statement by the Communist Party of Ireland
3. Back to the future [EMC]
4. The Baltic Ireland? [COM]
5. What’s good for business . . . [NL]
6. Capitalist automation and social dislocation [NC]
7. Marching into a cul-de-sac [PW]
8. Gatherings of socialist republicans—a small beginning
9. The gambling business: “a statement of confidence in Ireland and its people”! [BG]
10. Seán Redmond (1936–2012) [PW]
11. Joe Deasy (1922–2013) [TR]
12. Frank Conroy Commemoration
13. The South African revolution betrayed [TMS]
14. Mind your language [RCN]
15. A worker reads and asks questions [Bertolt Brecht]
16. Letter: Symbolic hunger strike by Bangladeshi garment workers