Progressive Film Club: The Women of Brukman & 161 Days

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Details of Upcoming Screening – Next Saturday – 26th January

To mark the centenary of the 1913 Lockout, the Progressive Film Club plan, throughout 2013, to include films on the themes of labour struggles and workers rights.

We kick-off , on the 26th of January with our first screening of the year, which features two films about factory occupations, one in Argentina and the main feature, which is set here in Ireland. The Argentinian film “The Women of Brukman”, tells of the take-over, by the workers, of a clothing factory, which had been abandoned by the owners.

The main feature “161 Days”, recounts the story of the workers in another clothing factory but this time, here in Ireland. After their agreed redundancy payments had not been met, the Vita Cortex workers made a decision to occupy the factory, which they did for 161 days, making it one of the longest industrial disputes in Ireland. This will be the first public screening of the film in Dublin.

The film was edited by Barra O’Connell directed and produced by Declan O’Connell. Frank Connolly of SIPTU, who will introduce the film is it’s executive producer.

2.30pm      The Women of Brukman

4.00pm      161 Days

Please Note: This screening is not taking place in our usual venue in the New Theatre, owing to the unavailablity of the premises. We are moving to the Pearse Centre, 27 Pearse St., Dublin 2. but for this show only.

Further details and our programmes for the next three months are now available on our website:

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