February Issue of Socialist Voice is Out Now

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February issue of Socialist Voice is out now.

It can also be view here to download, here to read online or below in the embedded widget.

Below is a list of contents.

  1.     We must build on Connolly’s legacy
  2.     CPI calls for support for the ICTU demonstration
  3.     The ICTU’s “better, fairer debt” strategy [EMC]
  4.     2013: the continuing of the great scattering [EMC]
  5.     James Stewart (1933–2013)
  6.     “Social Europe” for the EU’S privileged [COM]
  7.     The truth behind the myth of “social Europe”
  8.     Rarefied Davos air fosters elite illusions [COM]
  9.     More on monopolies globally [NL]
  10.     Poverty and wealth in France
  11.     Democracy and the crisis—Part 1 [FC]
  12.     Is Ireland a tax haven? [EON]
  13.     Another imperialist intervention in Africa [TMS]
  14.     Slanted media attack Caribbean socialism [TMS]
  15.     Red westerns [AF]

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