Progressive Film Club, Sat 27th of April, Labour Rights and Immigrant Workers

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Progressive Film Club – at the New Theatre · 43 East Essex Street · Dublin 2 · Saturday 27th of April

Labour Rights and Immigrant Workers

Admission free. (Donations welcome.)

2 p.m.
Irish premiere

Living as Brothers (2012)


Living as Brothers looks at the lives of Jamaican migrant workers toiling in the orchards of Niagara-on-the-Lake in Canada. In their own words, these men, some of whom have been returning for more than twenty years, tell of the second life they have created for themselves in Canada, the reasons for their making this journey, and their struggles at home in rural Jamaica. Told over a season of picking fruit, their story is arduous, stressful, and precarious, one that offers few second chances. · Produced and directed by Kevin Fraser.


3:30 p.m.
Irish premiere
After I Pick the Fruit

After I Pick the Fruit follows the lives of five immigrant women over a ten-year period as they labour in the orchards and fields of rural New York, migrate seasonally to Florida, raise their families, and try to hide from the Bush-era immigration raids. Filmed in New York, Florida, and Mexico, this intimate, bittersweet feature-length film illuminates a community that is nearly invisible to most Americans and will change the way you look at America’s “immigration problem.” · Produced and directed by Nancy Ghertner.


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