Belfast & District Trades Union Council Talk 2nd of May: Who Profits From Peace?

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Belfast & District Trades Union Council invite you to their Annual May Day Lecture:

Who Profits from Peace?

Thursday 2nd May at 7pm to 9pm

Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre

45/47 Donegall Street, Belfast , BT1 2FG

Will decent manufacturing jobs be replaced by low paid jobs in the finance and services industry?

The ‘double transition’ – towards peace and neo-liberalism – has been evident in the world of politics, finance, law and accountancy. This talk will examine who the winners and losers are in the peace process and will also explore ‘who really profits from peace?’

All welcome and talk will include a Q&A session.

Speaker: Dr Conor McCabe

Conor is an author, academic and lecturer at the Equality Studies Centre in University College Dublin. Conor has produced many articles and given a range of talks on various aspects of the economy and the drive towards neoliberalism.

He is author of ‘Sins of the Father’, which is a cutting analysis of Ireland’s economy beyond the banks to the issues of class and history, that lie at the heart of our problems.