Terrorising Children For Profit: Comment on Last Night’s Prime Time

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Richard of Cunning Hired Knaves makes an important point about the issues underlining the Primetime Investigates program last night about how certain crèches treat children in their care.

“Calls for assault charges to be brought against the childcare workers exposed in last night’s RTE Prime Time programme are not only missing the point, but obscuring it. The programme focused on a small sample of crèches. Not all crèches operate according to the same cost model as Giraffe or Little Harvard, but many of them do, with workers forced to cope in stressful, under-equipped and poorly supported conditions. Therefore it would be highly unlikely if the same pattern of violent abuse and degradation of infants were not replicated in many other crèches across the country, and the problem is not therefore one of the actions of particular workers, but a systemic violence perpetrated against small children, in the interests of profit.”

Read the whole thing on Cunning Hired Knaves.