Video: Protest at anti-abortion Youth Defence, Dublin

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After anti-abortion group Youth Defence enraged the public for parking an anti-abortion van outside the Rape Crisis center, pro-choice activists picketed their office in Dublin. Please watch, like, tweet and share this video.

This was a spontaneous protest and hopefully marks a watershed in the struggle for women’s reproductive rights in Ireland.


One Response

  1. Portia

    July 5, 2013 4:29 pm

    “a state structure and culture in Ireland where men occupy the political role of fighting and vindicating rights on Ireland’s, and as such, women’s behalf.”
    The language employed has been heavily patriarchal as women are invariably discussed in a manner that suggests they are not capable of making informed medical decisions or indeed have cognisance of their own mental welfare, particularly regarding suicide. Rather, women are in need of the protection offered by the State, and as such, the Constitution as was originally intended in 1937. Their role as mothers, apparently an anathema to any decision to terminate a pregnancy, is inherent to our understandings of Ireland itself and Irishness.”

    Add to that the Patriarchal Roman church which declared women as less evolved than men and today’s Irish secret courts where agents are trained to see all Irish wombmen as feeble minded.!