The July Issue of Socialist Voice is Out Now

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The July issue of Socialist Voice is now available online.

Articles in this issue include: 

  1. Belfast says No to G8
  2. Haddington Road rebranded, or I’m all right, Jack [NOM]
  3. What’s “left” for Ireland? [EON]
  4. Ireland’s ruling class [NL]
  5. Government to abolish people’s right to cut their own turf [MH]
  6. Credit unions a target for carpetbaggers [MA]
  7. G8: A club of the rich to protect the interests of the rich
  8. An honest citizen criminalised [TMS]
  9. Getting a handle on events in Brazil [RCN]
  10. Repression and criminalisation in Colombia [JAG]
  11. Tax justice for the rich! [NL]
  12. Letter: The iron heel of capitalism

Ireland’s ruling class:

So, who fits the profile of rule-making, rule-enforcing and rule-defending with the ultimate aim of reproducing themselves as a class? In whose interests has the state acted during the crisis?

Whose wealth and power has been defended and extended above all other classes?

Transnational capital dominates the economy, yes; and the European Union imposes the will of dominant Franco-German monopolies and finance, yes. And British monopoly capital rules the North, yes. But none of these can be considered a direct ruling class, as none of them impose their authority directly on the people in the South. They influence, shape and distort Irish society through their economic power and political influence, but they do not run the Irish state.