Interview: Mark Blyth’s The History of a Dangerous Idea

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Mark Blyth’s The History of a Dangerous Idea is a great book and slays many myths including a couple about how Ireland is the best example of a country obtaining growth through ‘fiscal consolidation’ aka austerity in the late 80s and early 90s as well as more recently being considered as a ‘poster child’ for austerity in Europe, a model for Greece etc.

But the sharpness of the book, its informativeness and the conciseness of the arguments are no match for the bite of Blyth’s delivery of them in this interview on The Business.

George Lee usefully gets some excellent sharp responses to recent events, about Ireland being a tax haven, the Anglo Tapes and the recent ESRI report that says the government should keep on with austerity. Highly recommended.

Click the link below to listen online: 

RTE’s The Business – Extended Interview with Mark Blyth


One Response

  1. Seanán Kerr

    August 24, 2013 4:59 pm

    Will have to get his book, his RSA talk is also very interesting at just after 29 minutes in he mentions that there is a serious push coming that’s gong to get rid of Ireland’s corporation tax (he says something similar in the interview, but not as explicitly), which means an end to the old Lemass trick of growth via FDI. Does the anyone in the Irish government have any kind of contingency for this. Well no they clearly on’t give a f***, but if it’s coming Ireland’s going to have to buy some kinky underwear if we’re going to hope at all to keep our FDI level so high.

    Other interesting point is he’s actually quite praiseful of Mario Draghi, there’s a great question at 33:50 where he brings up how Draghi is in fact a closet Keynesianist trying to drag Germany into a sensible position position using OMT as an economic MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction).