Sponsor This Poem Or I’ll Kick Your Head In

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Sponsor This Poem Or I’ll Kick Your Head In


I won’t name the entity that’s colonising creativity

except to say that it has been turfed off the sportsfield

for low tackles and foul behaviour already, you will find it in

a million spewed up burgers on our city pavements

and it was there while a thousand boy racers

had single vehicle collisions and left their mothers crying

it stood and watched wife beatings, gay bashings, street violence

it leered at women with their skirts askew in doorways

it sat at the cliffs while friends of mine jumped off them

and quicker than you can say tax-payer- funded

public- service- broadcasting it mixed with pills and sadness

in lonely apartments and killed people, worse it appeased

our post colonial state so much that we can’t mount

even a strongly worded letter and now in the last bastion

where people can create something, in one last Arena  

of no profit ventures ,in a refuge of free breathing, seeing

and of open fulfilling disagreements It has the nerve to ask

if it could be allowed to enter, it says it’s at our service,

but to be honest I doubt it. Sponsor this poem or I’ll bottle ya.

Sarah Clancy

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