Big Bust Bank Poem

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Big Bust Bank Poem

I’d just finished my 7 Mins of poetry
at the Irish embassy in London,
my poems and cursing delighted
and shocked the crowd.
He came over: handmade suit,
free glass of wine.
The man from the Big Bust bank,
handed me his card, asked
about prices for workshops.
“Call me when you get back to Dublin,
we’ll meet and chat about projects.”
I took the card, my funds were a bit low.
I let it sink in for a day or two.
I argued with myself about it.
I wasn’t sure what to do.
I took out my phone and dialled
086- P-O-E-T-R-Y, and asked it
“What do think?”
Karl, you stand for something,
You work for me, not banks,
or multinationals, or slick fuckers in slick suits,
you work for people and poetry,
you stand for something.
I hung up.
threw the card in the fucking bin,
sat at my desk,
turned on my laptop
and wrote, typed, and sang.
Karl Parkinson is a writer and creative writing workshop leader from inner city Dublin. A renowned performer of his own work, he also, along with Dave Lordan, makes up the popular performance poetry duo Droppin The Act. His first collection Litany of the City has just been published by Wurmpress and will be launched in Dublin on Thursday 5th of September.
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