Dublin City councillors urged to vote for the Rosie Hackett Bridge

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A Bridge for Rosie Hackett Campaign


Rosie is the people’s choice:
Dublin City councillors urged to vote for the Rosie Hackett Bridge

Trade unionists, feminists, sportsmen, academics, artists, film makers, actors, comedians, historians, journalists, civic society groups and politicians are all calling on Dublin City councillors to make sure that after the council vote on September 2, the new bridge between Eden Quay and Burgh Quay is named after Rosie Hackett.

If councillors have committed to support another of the four remaining nominees, we are asking them to give Rosie their second preference.

Jeni Gartland of the Bridge for Rosie Hackett campaign says:

“Dubliner, Jacobs Biscuit Factory worker, champion of workers’ rights, founder member of the Irish Women Workers’ Union, a 1913 Lockout activist who also fought for the Irish Citizen Army during the 1916 Rising – Rosie was an ordinary woman who lived in extraordinary times.

“Our campaign and its supporters believe there is no better moment than the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Dublin Lockout to name the bridge for Rosie Hackett and in so doing pay tribute to the many women who helped to win some of the rights we now take for granted.

“A recent packed meeting in Liberty Hall highlighted the momentum behind the move. Rosie is the people’s choice.

“Dublin City Councillors now have an opportunity to do something that has never been done before in this city: name a bridge over the River Liffey after a woman! And their action would also represent another significant step in recognising that, historically, women have done much more than simply observe and support the actions of men. We urge our councillors to take that step.”

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