The September Socialist Voice is out now!

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The September Socialist Voice is out now!

It can be view online or below.     

In this issue:

1. Stand together and build together EMC]
2. Youth and the crisis in capitalism [MA]
3. Spain taxes the sun! [TMS]
4. How we govern ourselves rather than how we are governed [TMK]
5. Credit Union workers silenced by a gagging order [MH]
6. The destruction of Syria—part of imperialism’s strategy [BG]
7.Forty years later, the same beast [SE]
8. Pension benefits being wiped out [Brendan Ogle]
9. Billy Ennis (1939–2013)
10. Political statement
11. Current debates in Marxist crisis theory [NC]
12. O’Flaherty Summer School a huge success [JF]
13. Anticipating the post-nuclear experience [JF]
14. Rosie Hackett remembered [BG]
15. Letter: 1913 Lock-out locked in