Left Forum Debate: Does Ireland Need a New Left Party? Sat. Nov 2nd 2013 @ Teacher’s Club

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Left Forum Debate: Does Ireland Need a New Left Party?

Saturday November 2nd 2013 @ Teacher’s Club, Parnell Sq.

The proceedings begin at 10:30 am, and will be followed by an afternoon of open workshops.

The intention of the Left Forum is to provide an opportunity for a productive dialogue across the left, and as far as it is possible, to facilitate coordination of left-activists and campaign groups, so as to strengthen the worker’s movement in Ireland generally.

All left-organisations, left-campaign groups, independent left-activists and all others that are interested in facilitating the development of the workers’ movement are invited to participate. Please join us at the Teacher’s Club on November 2 to take part in this important debate.


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One Response

  1. Helena Sheehan

    October 16, 2013 12:22 pm

    Here’s the timetable for the day.

    10:30 Registration
    10:45 Panel of speakers representing diverse points of view on this question
    Chair: Alan Myler (WP)
    Speakers: Gavin Mendel-Gleason (LF), Eoin O Broin (SF), Paul Murphy (SP), Cian O Callaghan (I), John Lowry (WP), Joan Collins (UL), Tom Redmond (CPI), Seamus Healy (WUA), Mark Hoskins (WSM), Richard Boyd Barrett (SWP)
    12:00 Q & A / points of view from the floor / indicative vote
    1:15 Lunch
    2:30 World cafe discussion groups
    3:30 Plenary
    Chair: Helena Sheehan (LF)
    5:00 Conclusion
    To be televised by DCTV