December Issue of Socialist Voice Out Now

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The December issue of Socialist Voice is out now.

Read it online or download it here.[pdf]

Articles in this issue include:

  1. “Reform or revolution?” [NL]
  2. A stealth treaty to further erode national rights [TMK]
  3. Health worsens as mandarins thrive [MA]
  4. Is charity the enemy of justice? [RCN]
  5. Transatlantic trade and investment: Governments to be legally subordinate to corporations [PD]
  6. Bagenalstown Credit Union and its problems [MA]
  7. Guidelines for common or convergent action (15th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, Lisbon)
  8. Venezuela in the firing line [TMS]
  9. Venezuelan students to receive laptop computers and free wifi
  10. Pensions and pay reduction [JM]
  11. A moral choice: choose war or peace
  12. Time to fight back against monopoly [PD]
  13. Frank Conroy commemoration
  14. Dublin Community TV: the latest victim of cultural cut-backs

“Reform or revolution?”
This is the question presented by elements of the left, as if that’s it: that’s the sum total of what the so-called left can offer working people. We can either reform elements of capitalism but maintain its essential features, and this will solve the unemployment crisis, inequality, and a variety of other systemic but undesirable features of the system, or we can “call for” a revolution, and the workers, once freed from their union-bureaucrat oppressors, will down tools and seize state power—usually without questioning the role of the European Union. With a ten-point plan to accompany it, we’re all set to save humanity.

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