Ukraine: The Next Domino to Fall to the West?

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The events currently taking place in Ukraine have an eerie feeling of familiarity about them – indeed, that feeling is becoming normalised in the western media. From Afghanistan in the late 1970s and 80s, to Yugoslavia in the 1990s, to Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine, the pattern of ‘humanitarian’ imperialism is becoming the standard blueprint for the western geo-political agenda.

On the face of it, the events in Ukraine are clear-cut: a corrupt and repressive government, the age-old spectre of the Russian bogey-man in the shadows, and of course, the innocent, peace-loving, flowers-in-gun-barrels forces of democracy and liberty. It really should sound familiar by now. The story was the same in Afghanistan, it was the same in Iraq, it was the same in Libya, it is the same in Syria. Inconveniently for those of the humanitarian-intervention brigade in such influential western liberal institutions (and, by miraculous coincidence, US government puppets) as Amnesty International, these stories were and are, for the most part, propaganda – that is to say, lies, designed to achieve the support of the general public for what would otherwise be barefaced military aggression. This wouldn’t fly – the west has to play the great saviour in order for its unparalleled savagery to be acceptable.

If we look closer at the protesters in Ukraine, closer at least than the western propaganda machine does, we can clearly see a motley crew of fascists, ultra-nationalists, and conservatives; chief among these are the balaclava-clad thugs of the ‘Svoboda’ party, which, for instance, glorifies the WWII-era Ukrainian fascists who collaborated with the Nazis in rounding up and executing Jews, communists, partisans and other undesirables. Photos and videos from the riots in Ukraine show what are essentially camouflage-clad, helmeted and masked urban guerrillas, assaulting and kidnapping police officers, humiliating and beating people on the streets, vandalising government buildings, and whatnot – all the while wearing EU-flag patches on their sleeves and waving the flags of the EU and various neo-fascist slogan side-by-side.

Then, almost on cue, up pops our old friend Senator John McCain, warmonger-in-chief, no doubt fresh from his visits to the throat-slitters, beheaders and enslavers of women currently attempting to bring ‘democracy’ to Syria. During McCain’s visit to the ‘opposition’ in Ukraine he shared a platform with Svoboda’s crypto-fascist leader Oleh Tyahnybok and assured the support of the US for regime-change in the country. If you tried to make it up, you really couldn’t.

What is happening right now in Ukraine is simply the next step in the global war between the west and rising powers of the east and south; Ukraine is the next domino to fall after Iraq, Libya, and the emaciation of the Palestinian resistance. The Syrian Arab Army is causing an upset in the plan –  Syria refuses to fall and share in Libya’s and Yugoslavia’s fate, which was to be torn apart by ethnic conflict stoked up by the west with dirty money and dirtier lies on the news. To punish Russia for its support for the Syrian state, the west has escalated its dirty tricks against Ukraine.

Still sound far-fetched? Paranoid? Let’s take it from the mouths of the imperialists themselves. For example, take one Victoria Nuland, the US Undersecretary of State for Europe and Eurasia. Beneath this grand title lurks a perhaps not-so-shrewd agent of western hegemony. Just recently, a recorded phone-call, apparently between Nuland and the US ambassador to the Ukraine, was leaked online, spilling the beans on the US subversion currently in full swing turning Ukraine into a mirror image of the rest of the victims of western benevolence. Having visited Ukraine three times in five weeks, she then admitted, during a nauseatingly clichéd speech in which she was flanked by the logos of US oil giants ExxonMobil and Chevron, that the US has spent about $5 billion over the years subverting the country.

All of the above should come as a wake-up call for anyone insane enough to think that the protests and riots currently sweeping Ukraine are in any way an expression of popular democratic liberalism. No doubt many genuine Ukrainians who are sick of their government have been swept up in the events and are taking part. Caught between the machinations of the west and the power ambitions of the rising capitalists of the east, no-one can blame the Ukrainian people for being fed up. But it is the Ukrainian people themselves, over 40 million of them, who must be heard, and who must decide what path their country takes. What cannot be allowed to happen is for a vocal and violent minority of fascists and rightists, backed by western governments and whitewashed by the immense power of the western media, to drag Ukraine into a chaos that will only serve the interests of those whose bank-balances benefit most from conflict, whether in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq or anywhere else.



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