Jesus, Mary & Joe Duffy

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Jesus, Mary & Joe Duffy


I was sitting in my kitchen

listening to the bithchin on the radio

my head was wrecked ya know;

people moaning down the phone

about the taxes on their homes,

(which in fact the banks own)

and the greedy seed was sown

by the Dail’s C.E.O.’s

who couldn’t give a shit

about the people being hit

by the cuts……..


Children going hungry in our schools

whilst there clearly are no rules

for the bankers run around

with their heads in the clouds

an untouchable realm

don’t you know they’re at the helm?

Under the influence

high on affluence

they’re gonna sink this ship

then hop, skip and jump

with a tidy lump sum

upon a safety boat

and off they will float

to a far away land

letting go of the hands

of the Irish population

drowned by inflation

don’t forget the creation

of a blockbuster film

yes, FILUM!


And what do the Irish people do-

dilley didelly diedelly do?

well whatever we are told

by anyone at all with an ego and balls

whether in a collar or a suit

once they play that magic flute

we drop to our knees

and swallow their lies

hypnotising our docile minds

ancestors turning in their forgotten graves

with disgust and revolt

our nation we have sold

our mother-tongue ist kaput.


Yes Sir, yes Sir

three bags full,

you can cover my eyes

with your preverbial wool,

Ja Sir, Ja Sir

whats mine is yours

come drill the oil off our Irish shores.


Ireland’s now a brand

with its head in the sand

our politicians are gimps

acting like pimps

over in Brussels

sprouting their lies

commending the obedience of

the emerald isle


Éire is for sale

she’s on the bargain rail

but don’t assume me to be a mute commodity

I have a voice

I have a mind

I act out of love for mankind,

womankind, kidkind,

transgender open you mind kind

I have to write

I have to shout

 no flouridisation will knock me out

oh and when I vote ‘no’

I mean ‘no’!


Don’t patronise me

with ficticous threats

my conscience is clear

yours burns and sweats

in the dead of night

in your oversized home

your bully yard tactics

blow by blow

just reawakens this strength in me

to demand that my children be born debt free

I want to see justice

and accountability

politicians who represent me

I promise to do my bit, speak my truth

I will live my life in pursuit

of these basic rights

I’m aware of the power love and truth hold

intergenerational  thinking is our gold,

no Sir, no Sir

three bags full

I refuse  to swallow

your right wing bull



Julie Goo is a Cork-born performance poet, singer and songwriter who writes and performs in both English and Irish. Ms Goo’s politically driven, socially concious poetry has earned her a loyal fan base in Cork and beyond. Last year, she was one of two Cork poets chosen to represent Cork in Coventry for the  Annual Twin Cities Exchange, funded by the Cork City Council. Julie is the current Munster Slam Champion, and came third in The All Ireland Slam in December.  She has an MPhil in Modern Irish, and is a newly qualified Primary School Teacher. You can check her Julie Goo facebook page for any upcoming performances.

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One Response

  1. Bruno

    March 6, 2014 6:15 am

    Catchy. It has rhyme, half-rhyme and false rhyme so it reads like skilled poetry. Now for the sake of doggerel poets who visit this site how about a competition? Write an Ode to Joe Duffy, in tertza rima, iambic pentameter or whatever you fancy. Some words that rhyme with Joe include: crow, so, snow, blow job (half rhyme), throw up (ditto), stone the crows (false rhyme) etc.