The May Issue of Socialist Voice is out now

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The May issue of Socialist Voice is out now. View it online or download it from here.

Table of contents:

Vote communist

……. The CPI is aware that no real power or democracy is left at the local government level, that real power lies with the unelected city and county managers, who take their orders and priorities from the minister of the day. The party is using the occasion of these elections to present an alternative way out of the crisis, one centred on the needs of the people and not the EU and IMF and the wealthy Irish ruling class.

The death rattle of the establishment’s independence [EMC]

The recent visit by President Michael D. Higgins to Britain turned into a feast of craven boot-licking by the Irish establishment and their hangers-on. It was trumpeted by the mass media and the ideological soothsayers as the “coming of age,” the “maturing” of the Irish people regarding our past and the historical relationship between the Irish people and the British establishment.

Díspeagadh déistineach [CDF]

Níorbh díspeagadh go dtí é ar throdaithe saoirse na hÉireann i 1916 agus na blianta ina dhiaidh páirtíocht Enda Kenny sa gheamaireacht i Messines na Beilge i mí na Nollag agus arís feacadh glúine bhunaíocht na tíre le linn phornagrafaíocht ríoga na míosa seo caite.

Where are Britain’s interests best served? [TMK]

Alone among Northern Ireland’s unionist leaders, the first minister, Peter Robinson, appears willing to accept reality and recognise the developing nature of the area’s political make-up.

Michael Ahern

The Communist Party of Ireland offers its condolences to the family and friends of our comrade Mick Ahern, who died on Thursday 3 April, and in particular to his wife and comrade Julie. Mick dedicated his life to the broad republican struggle,

Dearg le fearg!” [CDF]

The resignation of the language commissioner, Seán Ó Cuirreáin, in protest against the lack of co-operation he found in the state system, not to mention the virtual refusal by some official bodies to comply with the law, has been the catalyst in a vigorous grass-roots language rights campaign.

Water is a human right [EMC]

As the debate continues about the charge the Government may finally set for water, what is missing is an appreciation of water as a basic human need. Once the Government has commodified water, the basic human right to have access to clean water will be turned into a means of creating vast profits for private corporations.

Labour movement news 
The Technical, Engineering and Electrical Union welcomed the report of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development that assessed the Government’s “Action Plan for Jobs,” particularly its warning that more must be done to tackle youth unemployment.

Youth view

This is the talk given by the CYM speaker at the meeting “Youth Resistance in Ireland” held in James Connolly House on Saturday 26 April.

Victory Day (Dick Gaughan)

On 9 May each year the defeat of German fascism in 1945 is celebrated. The following song, written by Dick Gaughan, was inspired by the poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, “Do you think the Russians stand for war?”

Roque Dalton: Tragic communist poet [TMS]

Roque Dalton (1935–1975) was perhaps the most tragic poet of Central America. In the 1950s he was the brightest of the “Committed Generation,” a group of militant left-wing writers who saw art as a revolutionary act.

Caracas Festival of Theatre a great success [DP]

With more than 649 shows, 152 groupings and 26 public theatres, the Third Caracas Festival of Theatre took over the capital city last month in an expression of popular culture that surpassed all expectations.

Third annual essay competition on the Spanish Anti-Fascist War

The third annual essay competition on the Spanish Anti-Fascist War for second-level pupils in Ireland is now open. The winner will be invited to read their essay in Madrid at the commemoration in February 2015 of the battle of Jarama, accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Letter: “Manifesto to the Citizens of Dublin” [RCN]

The Liam & Tom O’Flaherty Society is searching for the Manifesto issued by a 120-strong group of unemployed who seized the concert hall at the Rotunda (today’s Gate Theatre) in an effort to highlight the apathy of the authorities towards unemployment in the newly founded Republic of Ireland, 19–22 January 1922.


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