Unite Seminar: Ireland needs a pay rise: Wage floors and economic recovery

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Ireland needs a pay rise: Wage floors and economic recovery
A Unite the Union Seminar
Unite offices (Matt Merrigan Hall), 55/56 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1
Thursday 10th July, 9.30am – appr. 1.30pm

How can we ensure that all workers in Ireland earn a Living Wage or above? Research shows that Irish wages in the private sector are well below other European countries, despite the fact that Irish productivity is high and Irish profits are growing. This is not just a feature of the traditional low-paid sectors – retail and hospitality.

Even in the manufacturing and professional services sectors, low pay persists. This seminar will examine how robust wage floors can help produce a wage-led recovery.


09.00 Registration, tea/coffee
Chair: Siobhán O’Donoghue, Director, Uplift
09.30 Opening
David Begg, General Secretary, Irish Congress of Trade Unions
09.40 Why the economy needs a pay rise
Prof Terrence McDonough, NUI Galway
10.00 Minimum Essential Standards of Living: Expenditure and a Living Wage
Sr Bernadette McMahon, Vincentian Partnership
10.15 Raising the floor: Driving up the Minimum Wage
Dr Rory O’Farrell, Nevin Economic Research Institute
10.30 Raising the floor: Increasing hours
Brian Forbes, National Co-Ordinator, Mandate trade union
10.45 Is there a case for an enhanced system of JLCs?
Dr Joe Wallace, University of Limerick
11.00 Panel discussion – beneficiaries of improved wage floors (tea/coffee)
Representatives from National Women’s Council of Ireland, Migrant Rights
Centre Ireland, Civil and Public Services Union and We’re Not Leaving.
(5 minute presentations followed by discussion)
12 noon Strategies for raising the floor
Michael Taft, Research Officer, Unite the Union
12.10 Discussion
1.00 Response
John Douglas, President, Irish Congress of Trade Unions
1.15 Closing
Jimmy Kelly, Regional Secretary, Unite the Union
Tea/coffee, sandwiches
For information or to reserve a place contact alex.klemm@unitetheunion.org
Time & Date
Thursday 10th July, 9.30am – appr. 1.30pm

One Response

  1. Gerryboy

    July 2, 2014 7:30 am

    High-level conferences like this give the impression that the trade union movement is actively concerned about the erosion of living incomes. What has collective trades union action achieved in the last half-dozen years to defend living standards effectively?