Job hunting in Ireland

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From a recent survey, it seems that Europe is suffering from a lack of production for new job opportunities. This translates into a lack of future for young people. In fact, while older generations have a job and can live on what they earn on a regular basis, the youngest part of the European population has no way to get a good employment.

Even graduates have no better chances and the situation is now affecting the northern part of Europe. As long as this worrying lack of job opportunities for young people concerned only southern Countries (Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal), the situation seemed to be very far from becoming a global problem.

On the contrary, now that even Ireland is experiencing an increasing lack of job positions, things sound very different.

Jobs today: main differences

What’s changing in the world of jobs? Probably, this is the question #1 for most young people who are out there looking for their first job position.      Job hunting for irish people

There are many aspects to consider when talking about the market of jobs. First off, some old jobs have disappeared or are on the way to disappear. This is because of the massive use of machines in place of human beings.

Another thing is that today job contracts tend to be more flexible. This means that employees should be always ready to leave a job position and start a new one, being flexible and easy to learn new tasks for new jobs.

However, the biggest change in the market of job is the introduction of many online jobs. The online recruitment is much easier and quicker: this is the reason why many companies prefer to hire online employees, especially in the IT sector.

The most appealing online job

In the IT sector you can find many types of jobs (content writing, web development, web analysis…), bit probably the most appealing and easiest job to do is the online trading.

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Financial markets

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