November Socialist Voice

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The November Socialist Voice is now available online.

The articles include:

Water charges:  The government can be defeated

Eugene McCartan

The turn-out of more than 100,000 working people on 11 October, followed by the national mobilisation on 1 November, in which approximately 200,000 people took part in local protests around the country, show that the Right2Water campaign is growing in strength and is drawing new forces into resistance against the water charges.

EU negotiation terms declassified

Nicola Lawlor

The European Union has finally declassified the terms of reference of the EU Commission in negotiating the highly secretive agreement known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Green light for risk-free speculation

THE EUROPEAN Central Bank plans to buy rebundled packages of debt and covered bonds, secured on assets such as property. It will include buying debt with a credit rating of “junk” from Greece and Cyprus, as long as such countries are under a formal international financial programme.

Transforming a tragedy into an opportunity

Tommy McKearney

Reader could be forgiven for feeling that little more of value can be said about the Mairia Cahill case. The Sunday Independent devoted sixteen pages of one issue to the question,* and it was not alone among the media in conducting this type of frenzied investigation. Broadcast and print journalists, internet trolls and a medley of commentators joined in what was cast as a defining moral issue.

Ebola: EU dithers, Cuba acts

Tomás Mac Síomóin

The yawning gap between socialist and neo-liberal values is reflected in the response to the call by the secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, for international assistance to stem the deadly advance of the Ebola virus in Africa. Cuba’s response was immediate and massive; the European Union heaved and brought forth—a mouse!

A budget for the well off

The tax measures announced in the recent budget will cost €405 million annually, and they only apply to those earning €32,800 per year (€630.77 per week) in 2014 if single or €41,800 (€803.85) if married. This is very unfair to lower-paid workers.

Bus and train fares rise again

There is yet more pain for ordinary people as the cost of using public transport has shot up. All fares for buses, trains and trams were increased on 1 November by as much as 28 per cent. This means that the cost of using public transport has risen by nearly 40 per cent since 2012.

One woman’s experience of Job Bridge Maria’s story

I had started working in 1983 after completing a decent Leaving Cert. Life was simple then, and over the next fourteen years I had moved from working for a small local company to working in a major international conglomerate as PA to the chief executive.

A drawn battle

Micheál Mac Aonghusa

Regardless of the outcome, the Scottish referendum has rocked the British establishment to its core. Queen Elizabeth Windsor may be purring, but her political high command is not.

Nobel Prize winner Malala: “Socialism is the only answer”

Tomás Mac Síomóin

You would think that the modern Nobel Peace Prize is a CIA invention. Shameless war criminals, like Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama, scooped it, after all.

Friends of the International Brigades in Ireland

The Friends of the International Brigades’ third annual essay competition for second-level students will accept essays on any aspect of the role and experiences of the members of the International Brigades that relate to Ireland, either during or after the Spanish Civil War (1936–39).

Calling all artists & designers

To mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising the CPI is inviting designers and artists to submit a design for a badge to celebrate this important event.


I am not out of place :   Richard Bryant

It is amazing: Richard Bryant

Under the Red Banner of Truth Richard Bryant

Yámá, Dia an Bháis: Gabriel Rosenstock

Yama, God of Death : Gabriel Rosenstock

Dracula and the horror of imperialism

Jenny Farrell

Many readers tend to regard novels, and films based on their contents, as mere “entertainment,” i.e. as pleasant ways to pass the time. The idea that the creators of such stories may use them to send a “message” to the reader, still less an ideological message, seldom occurs to them—and still less again the idea that this message may encode a stringent critique of the prevailing political and economic order, whether its original creator consciously intended it or not!

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