Issue 123 of The Peoples’ News Out Now

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The latest issue of the Peoples’ News is out now

Articles in the Peoples News No. 123.

peoplesnewsP 1. EU addresses the Democratic Deficit! With a Parliament that cannot initiate legislation and an executive that is unelected, the EU’s attempt under the Lisbon Treaty to get closer to its ‘citizens’ has been a dismal failure.

P 1. WE KNOW WHAT THEY’RE UP TO! Let them know that you are opposed to TTIP and CETA! Do come down to the EU offices in Molesworth St at lunchtime on Wednesday next; 22nd – even if you can spare only five minutes – It is important.

P 2. The Greek lesson; so far! Upon coming to power the Greek Syriza Government wanted to end all existing agreements with the “troika” on the grounds that these had been decisively rejected by the Greek people.

P 3. Commission’s advisory group lets shale gas industry set the agenda. The EU Commission is talking up its climate ambition on the road to the Paris UN climate talks. But a new briefing shows that its advisory group on shale gas is opening the back door to fracking, despite massive public opposition.

P 4. Who calls the shots for EU Parliament? Ever heard of Klaus Welle?

P 5. Opposition among unions spreads. Central European and Balkan public service trade unions have concluded that TTIP and CETA are harmful for democracy and workers, their families and communities.

P 6. Shadow boxing! One of the conditions for EU membership is accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), a treaty administered by the Council of Europe, which almost all of the continent’s states have ratified, guaranteeing the human rights of their people.

P 6. Remunicipalisation continues apace. The growing wave of cities ending privatisation and choosing public water services reaches 100 million people in 37 countries.

P 7. How the EU protects whistle-blowers – from Connolly to Deltour. The Barroso European Commission known for its adamant Pro-Business positions issued a Draft Directive to protect business secrets end November 2013.

P 8. More of the same! An EU enquiry into Eulex, its rule of law mission in Kosovo, says it didn’t cover up corruption allegations or mistreat a whistle blower.

P 9. The “Countess” and Dr Strangelove! One of the many myths about the EU is that it is primarily a peace project. Anyone who still believes this should have a look at a new study produced by Fine Gael’s allies in Europe.

P 11. Industry capture ensures pro-coal advice for the Commission. With many eyes already on December’s UN climate talks in Paris, the EU had a chance to demonstrate it was serious about moving beyond fossil fuels by setting tough pollution standards for coal-fired power plants.

P 12. The political basis of austerity! Can Ireland really free itself from austerity while remaining within the Eurozone?


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