Get Your Vehicle Ready For The Summer

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Just like you are getting your closet ready for the summer, you will need to prepare your car for the hot season as well – especially if you are planning on driving it all the way to the location of your next planned vacation. You will need to deal with a lot of specific problems, including heat, a lot of dust, and crazy traffic that will all take their toll on your car. To prevent a car breakdown from severely damaging your car and preventing you from using it at those times when you need it most, you will need to perform periodical maintenance – who knows when you might decide you want to resell it and a higher price is never a bad idea, is it?

Cooling And Air Conditioning Matters

Take care of these features before the summer hit kicks in and you will enjoy much more comfortable car rides. Since overheating is one of the main problems most vehicles confront with during the summer, you will need to ensure the cooling system is completely flushed and refilled every 2 years or so. Verify the concentration and level of your coolant on a periodical basis and opt for a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. Keep in mind to let a professional car mechanic handle this if you have zero experience doing it and you are not very skilled either. For example, you could do a lot of damage by removing the radiator cap before the engine is completely cooled. The state of hoses and drive belts should also be placed into the professional hands of a car mechanic.

The air conditioning systems also needs to be periodically checked by a technicians who is licensed and qualified to work. The cabin air filters require thorough cleaning of the air that is getting intot he heating and air conditioning system.

Secure Your Vehicle For Extra Safety

Summertime is a time when everyone is a little dreamy in broad daylight, especially since the heat tends to make us less careful about what we are doing all the time. So leaving a car parked in a unsafe area so we can quickly run down the street for a quick errand or leaving the windows cracked open for some air to come inside an overly-heated car is something are not uncommon occurrences.

  • Get a car alarm that will alert you whenever someone is trying to meddle with your vehicle. Sure these alarms cannot actually stop thieves from sealing your car or the items inside of it, bu they will tend to make some thieves think twice and harder before trying their luck with a car that has an alarm installed – the same way as home alarms can deter burglars.

  • The piercing sounds and flashing lights that there alarms come with are excellent thief deterrents and there are even alarms that can send an alert to your pager or smartphone. Have a new alarm be fitted by a professional security person or automotive locksmith.

  • Get in touch with a fast car locksmith in San Francisco if you live in the area and have them also install steering locks or gearstick and handbrake locks. These metal locking devices will stop thieves from using the steering wheel or handbrake and they do not cost a lot of money.

  • Use an immobiliser if you wish to prevent your car from being started by someone who does not have the right key to the car. Reprogram your transponder keys whenever needed with the help of a licensed and insured car locksmith and set up periodical maintenance and inspection jobs for the locks.

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