The June Issue of Socialist Voice is Out Now!

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The current issue of Socialist Voice is now available online 

The articles in this issue include:

SVA Democratic Programme for the 21st Century

In this issue of Socialist Voice we publish the draft of a Democratic Programme for the 21st Century. The CPI is offering this document as part of the debate that needs to take place in every trade union branch and every community organisation.

Will they, won’t they, do a deal? Eugene McCartan

The mass media both in Ireland and throughout Europe are attempting to shape how working people view and understand the negotiations taking place between the ECB-EU-IMF “troika” and the SYRIZA government in Greece.

Right2Water conference:

A good beginning: But we need to win the water struggle first

Anne Traynor

In mid-June the five trade unions at the heart of the Right2Water campaign called a second conference, drawing activists from the five unions as well as those opposing water charges in the communities and the political parties involved in the Right2Water campaign.
The conference was in two parts. In the first section the delegates broke up into a number of workshops to discuss a draft consultation paper presented by the trade unions, titled “Policy Principles for a Progressive Irish Government.”

James Connolly Festival

The first annual James Connolly Festival took place in Dublin from the 9th to the 14th of May. It was a huge success, with some of Ireland’s leading actors, musicians and poets giving their services to make the festival the success it was.

The 1916 Rising

“We have nothing to celebrate?”

Presentation by Roger Cole to the debate in the Eblana Club, Dún Laoghaire

I would like to thank the Eblana Forum for inviting me to take part in this debate on the 1916 Rising.
The title to this debate asks do we have nothing to celebrate about the 1916 Rising. So let us examine the core document of the Rising, the Proclamation, and to note that, however the Irish Timesmight claim, we do not need a new one.

Tom Redmond   1938–2015

In late May the death was announced of Tom Redmond, a lifelong member of the Communist Party of Ireland. Tom was a worker, a trade union and community activist, a political thinker, and a great communicator.

An Ríocht Aontaithe ag druidim chun scoite

Mícheál Mac Aonghusa
Tar éis olltoghchán Westminster tá an saol—agus Sasana go háirithe—á chiapadh ag beirt thaibhse, Blair agus Thatcher.

No substitute for a confident and assertive working class

Tommy McKearney

A motley collection of well-heeled individuals is at present advising the British Labour Party of the need to distance itself still further from the trade union movement and to become ever more accommodating to the needs of capital—

TTIP threatens Irish food security: Bernard Murphy

Current EU strictures on the importing and use of genetically modified organisms, as well as seed and materials derived from them, are about to be axed, according to a proposal made by the EU Commission on the 22nd of April—

War in human history: Dáithí Mac an Mháistir

War has been a recurring feature of human social relations for the last ten thousand years, and, just as it has done throughout history, it continues to affect and shape our contemporary world in many and profound ways.

Spain’s working people strike back: Tomás Mac Síomóin

Spain’s municipal and local elections on the 24th of May ushered in a democratic revolution that may be unstoppable. The establishment parties, the neo-liberal People’s Party (PP) and the equally neo-liberal Spanish Socialist Labour Party (PSOE) lost heavily, their share of the vote falling from 70 per cent in 2007 to 52 per cent.


The crisis in the “peace process”

Seán Edwards

When the peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) got under way in Havana two years ago it gave rise to great hope that, after sixty years of armed conflict, a peace settlement with social justice was in sight.

Letter from Havana: Seán Joseph Clancy

There is an upsurge in the number of particularly European tourists coming to experience Cuba “before McDonalds and Starbucks arrive,” or “before Fidel dies.”

Bloody parasites: Stephen Gowans

The dictator of Bahrain—who, with the help of Saudi soldiers and tanks, ruthlessly crushed an Arab Spring uprising that demanded a representative democracy—is spending a leisurely day in Britain, one of the world’s oldest parliamentary “democracies,” visiting a horse show with his fellow-parasite Queen Elizabeth II.


Remembering the Second World War

Not just the task of communists but of every human being

Alex Homich

No other European conflict was marked by the same sort of insanity and depravity as the Second World War. The madness that was wrought on the Jewish and Slavic peoples by the Hitler regime has parallels only in the Far East, where the imperial Japanese forces also treated their captives as sub-humans.



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