August Socialist Voice is Out Now!

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The August Socialist Voice is now available online

In this issue:

sv_augGreek and all European workers paying a heavy price

Eugene McCartan

As events unfold in Greece it’s clear that the EU is determined to make Greek workers pay for the crisis now engulfing the country.
The Greek debt, like the Irish debt, is simply unsustainable and unpayable. The impact and renewed assault on Greek workers will be felt throughout the European Union: it will not be confined or contained within the borders of Greece.

International Development Bank set up by BRICS states

The “BRICS” countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) stepped onto the stage of global finance last month with the launch of the New Development Bank in Shanghai. The six BRICS countries had agreed to set up the bank at the group’s sixth summit meeting in Brazil in July 2014.

Social democracy tries to reinvent itself

Tommy McKearney

Just as capitalism has the knack of changing its shape, social democracy also displays an extraordinary ability to reinvent itself, and almost always to the detriment of the working class.

Racist crime raises its ugly head

Paul Doran

There is nothing more detestable than the hate some people have for people of colour or people of a different ethnicity. This disgusting trait has recently raised its ugly head in Clondalkin, Co. Dublin.

Maria’s story (continued)

Readers may recall “One woman’s experience of Job Bridge” from the November 2014 issue

I have a new job, working in a call centre. They recommend that we come to work fifteen minutes before every shift, so we can clock in and have our computer turned on, ready for action.

Painless “postcapitalism”—a utopian dream

Nick Wright

Paul Mason has conjured up a very 21st-century formula for the replacement of capitalism. It combines all the elements of a problem-free route to “postcapitalism,” rather than the old techniques of revolt, revolution, and working-class power, and relies—it seems—on the facility of the internet to permit the free transfer of information combined with the ability of human beings to devise forms of exchange that evade the capitalist market.

Letter from Havana

Seán Joseph Clancy

On 1 July the Cuban flag was hoisted outside what has now become the Cuban embassy in Washington, a short distance from the White House.

After their unilateral fracture by Washington more than half a century ago, and interim strained relations that brought the world close to a nuclear abyss, diplomatic relations were formally restored.

ICTU conference shows the strength of the workers’ movement

Motions put to the biennial delegate conference of the ICTU, most of which were adopted, covered such wide-ranging topics as the economy and equality, fair banking, the Stormont House Agreement, fracking, climate change, water charges and public ownership, TTIP, and precarious work.

Who rules the world?

Dónall Ó Briain

The Austrian Alps were the setting in June for the sixty-third annual meeting of the secretive Bilderberg Group, bringing together government ministers and other politicians, heads of transnational corporations, representatives of the corporate media, and academics.

Political statement

National Executive Committee, Communist Party of Ireland
25 July 2015

The National Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Ireland at its meeting in July discussed the political and economic situation in the context of events now unfolding within the European Union resulting from the imposition of the new memorandum on the Greek working class.

Ryanair defeated in Denmark’s Labour Court

Mary Greham

Ryanair will find it extremely difficult to get a plane off the ground from Danish airports after its recent catastrophic defeat in Denmark’s Labour Court, which ruled on 1 July that trade unions are within their legal rights in taking industrial action against the airline,

Féile na bhFlaitheartach

Féile na bhFlaitheartach will once again be happening on Inis Mór (Árainn) on 29 and 30 August, organised by the Liam and Tom O’Flaherty Society.

Joint Plan of Action between the E3/EU+3 and the Islamic Republic of Iran

Statement by the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran
15 July 2015

This agreement is a humiliating failure of the anti-national and anti-people policies of the theocratic regime of Iran, led by Ali Khamenei, in the eyes of the people, which will certainly please public opinion and is one the reasons for the joy and celebration of the people of Iran amid the news of the nuclear agreement on Tuesday 14 July

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