LookLeft 22 in Shops Now!

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LookLeft 22 is in Easons stores and hundreds of selected newsagents across the country now.

Only €2.00, the highlights of this issue include:

ll22Greek Lessons – What can be learnt from the referendum and negotiations in Greece? Gerry Grainger and Ronan Burtenshaw debate.

You Can’t Eat a Flag – Chris Bailie and Paddy Wilson take a look at the state of Protestant working class politics in Northern Ireland.

Spotlight on Denis O’Brien – A critical look at the controversial business man and media baron’s career.

Take Back the City – LookLeft looks and how working class communities are seeking to assert control of their cities.

Leading the charge – Dara McHugh looks at the next steps for Right2Water and the water charges movement.

Can we organise now? – The union movement will not be saved by planned collective bargaining legislation alone. Richard O’Hara investigates.

Bomb Girls – Hugo McGuinness on the social and political effects of WW1 munitions factories on Dublin’ Northside

Paving Paradise – A community garden in West Dublin digs up problems of church and community relations.

A different vision of society – LookLeft talks to the Cuban Ambassador about talks with the US, the Cuban social model and medical internationalism.

Forum: Single Parent cuts, the Bank Inquiry, the Marriage Referendum and a vision for Ireland’s economy.

Ireland’s Jacobin – Ultán Gillen reflects on the extraordinary life of Des O’Hagan.

Congress Reconvened – LookLeft learns about a new documentary exploring the 1934 Republican Congress.

Saving Dalymount – LookLeft finds out about the salvation of Irish football’s spiritual home.

And much more…


One Response

  1. Paddy Healy

    August 17, 2015 8:28 pm

    Doomsday clock for global market crash strikes one minute to midnight as central banks lose control http://wp.me/pKzXa-ua
    This prediction is not coming from some wild-eyed socialist but from the right-wing British Daily Telegraph news service!!!!
    -Republished in Irish Independent August 17