February Issue of Socialist Voice is Out Now

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The February Issue of Socialist Voice is now online.

New challenges and new opportunities for working peoplesvfeb16

The current election campaign and the election of a new Dáil present new challenges and opportunities for the working people of Ireland.
Working people have experienced prolonged attacks on their living standards, on social welfare benefits, pensions, and public services, as well as the imposition of water charges.

When competition is king

Eoghan O’Neill

Within the European Union and the United States and other advanced capitalist regions they say competition is king. Competition is what gives the modern market economy its legitimacy. It’s taught in second-level and third-level educational institutions, in departments of economics, business, and law

Islamic State and crocodile tears

Alan Hanlon

Hillary Benn, the British Labour Party’s shadow foreign secretary, made a striking statement in the House of Commons in the debate on British intervention in the civil war now taking place in Syria. He compared the situation to that of the Spanish Civil War;

Bímis dílis d’idéil 1916!

Tomás Mac Síomóin

I mbliain seo chomóradh Éirí Amach 1916 cluinfear moltaí á dtabhairt go fuíoch ag boic na bunaíochta do laochra na Cásca. Ach tá ard-chuspóirí na laoch céanna tréigthe, is faoi their, ag na boic chéanna le fada an lá. Ní chluinfear teagasc sóisialach Shéamais Uí Chonaíle á mholadh óna mbéala siadsan, ar ndóigh. Bíodh spléachadh againn ar chuid de cháipéisí bunúsacha ghluaiseacht na saoirse le méid na feille seo a thomhas.

EU membership: a challenge for the serious left

Tommy McKearney

It is being reported that some Scots intend voting Yes in the British referendum dealing with Britain’s membership of the European Union. Apparently their decision is based on the rather shaky principle that if a significant number of English people wish to leave, they will vote to remain.

Rebel without a pause: Bob Doyle (1916–2009)

Jimmy Doran

The centenary of Bob Doyle’s birth occurs on 12 February. He was born into poverty in North King Street, Dublin, and the eventual break-up of his family led to a life of foster care and orphanages, where he suffered hunger and regular beatings.

Das Kapital Mark 2?

Bernard Murphy

Thomas Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Cambridge (Mass.): Belknap Press, 2014; €25.

Thomas Piketty’s Capital In the Twenty-First Century, published in English translation in 2014, made the New York Times best-seller list. In the book Piketty, a professor of political economy at the University of Paris, details the enormous accumulation of capitalist profit and the origins of the state-supported financial oligarchies in advanced capitalist countries over the last thirty years.

Seán Murray’s life, seen from Britain

Seán Byers, Seán Murray: Marxist-Leninist and Irish Socialist Republican (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2015)

Nick Wright
Seán Byers’ biography is remarkable not just for its account of the singular nature of Seán Murray’s role in Irish politics but for its focus on the specifically Irish conditions which shaped his revolutionary politics.

Letter from (near) Havana

Seán Joseph Clancy

In recent days more than seven thousand Cuban migrants stranded at the Nicaraguan border in Costa Rica and a further two thousand at the Costa Rican border in Panama have started to continue their overland and air journey to the United States.

Reclaim the Vision of 1916—a Citizens’ Initiative
International Poetry Competition, 2016

Theme: “The Vision of 1916: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”

Inspired by the strong connections between poetry and the Easter Rising—often known as the “Poets’ Revolution”—we are proud to announce that our International Poetry Competition, 2016, is now open for submissions.

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