About ILR

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Irish Left Review is a new political online magazine. It will feature original essays, articles and columns each written to help all those on the Left, whether they call themselves socialists, social democrats, trade unionists, Republicans or Greens, to find a common ground and to develop the arguments that could be used in a political context to act against the hegemony of the right in Irish politics. It is geared towards a broad left – those who want to make Left politics work and to increase the over all vote for the left, so that political alliances can be formed and significant policies implemented.

The magazine was brought about by a number of Irish Left wing bloggers, who felt a long-running frustration that Ireland lacks the kind of social democratic politics that is well represented in other European countries.

The magazine will cover more than politics and policy, but this will be its main focus.

This is what we believe

We believe there is such a thing as a Left in Ireland, part of the great tradition of European Social Democracy with democratic socialism as its core principle,

We believe that for too long the Left has squandered its heritage, surrendered the political ground, crippled itself through sectarianism and allowed itself to be co-opted by conservative forces when it hasn’t dissipated itself in desultory incrementalism or vacuous oppositionism,

We believe that the Left must contest conservatism on a broad front – whether it be on issues of governance, the economy, social reform, culture or history,

We have great hope for the Left, in its ability to prosper to the point that it can join with its allies throughout Europe to present itself to the Irish people as a viable governing force in its own right,

These hopes and beliefs have led us to create the Irish Left Review, an open space to which we invite progressives from all the traditions on this island – socialist, Green, republican, trade unionist, liberals and egalitarians – to contribute the new ideas and strategies that will unite us against the domination of the Right, make new friends and propel us to future victories.

For we are adamant: the marginalisation of the Left is at an end; the half-status and quarter-status of our political parties will no longer persist, the sublimation of our ideas and our history is a thing of the past.

Together, we can bring this about earlier rather than later.

The 21st century can belong to the Left.

That’s what we believe.

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Donagh is the editor of Irish Left Review. Contact Donagh through email: dublinopinionAtgmail.com