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Thorns in Assad’s Side

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Thorns in Assad’s Side

By Kate Ennals
‘Rows and rows of bodies, fully grown men
and small children
lie lifeless with no signs of physical injury or bodily trauma’
says the Irish Times head line
(no mention of women)
A silent horror
Described as ‘thorns’ in Assad’s side
(according to Russians, it is the rebels)
Whose ever thorns they are, I want to know
Why the grief? Why the Western disbelief?
These bodies are not hacked, axed, shot, beheaded,
They are not torn, ravaged, raped,
They are silent, whole, and dead
A peaceful scene of war.
No bombs. No Terror.
To be honest, easier to watch on TV
Though I do not. I listen to the radio.
I listen to the Hague cry ‘inhumane’
But I do not understand the pain.
I say in my desperation,
If to kill is the purpose
Why not chemical gas
as a weapon of choice?
If to kill is the intent
Of these men
Why not instant death
For if there are no people left
There will be no chemicals, no gas
No love, no hate.
The civilised world says in speeches
Chemical gas kills innocent victims
It kills civilians
So does poverty, and disease,
Never has this caused Western unease.
In Ireland this afternoon
gold hangs from trees over a
plantation of green on sky blue
fruiting blackberries, ferns, nasturshiums
an oasis of earth, moist, damp, rich.
A land the Syrians will never know.
No matter where they have died and how
or whatever hell they live in now.



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